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Easily trim, shape and remove any unnecessary hair. Trimmers are ideal for delicate areas, any length hair and available in compact sizes – perfect for your wash bag.

Ladies shavers

Looking for quick results? Great on wet or dry skin, to painlessly remove any unwanted hair. Cutting your hair from the roots to provide instant smoothness for a day or two.


Perfect for longer lasting results. This technique works by pulling out the hairs from the root and can help reduce the volume and thickness of regrowth.


For a more permanent fuzz-free feel, IPL (intense pulse light) reaches the hair follicle to reduce regrowth. With a little time and patience, you’ll get longer lasting results.

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Argos Care

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We know hair removal can be a daunting, tricky and time-consuming process. But relax! We've got you covered with everything you need to make hair removal at home a breeze - no matter what the method. 

Waxing is always a popular choice to get soft and smooth skin. It also saves you from accidental knee cuts and itchy razor bumps. If waxing is your go-to hair removal method, our waxing kits are your holy grail. They have all the essentials you may need for a seamless hair removal session. From wax heater to wax strips, a complete hair removal kit is a grooming must-have. Especially for when you need a quick fix and have no time to visit the salon. However, if you have strawberry legs or ingrown hair, you may want to try other hair removal options like epilation or trimming.

Browse our wide selection of grooming appliances for body and facial hair removal from all the top brands across the globe. For longer-term hair removal at home, check out our no!no! hair removal range for a solution that'll banish unwanted hair with ease using Pulsed Thermicon Technology. It helps your skin stay cool and comfy during the process. Ah, bliss!

If you're looking out for painless hair removal methods, Philips has the perfect range for almost everything - from IPL to electrolysis, and bikini trimmers to lady shavers, you name it. The Philips IPL hair removal has proved to be an effective device to get rid of body or facial hair permanently. It's a worthwhile investment, which means you can look forward to a future that's totally free from unwanted hair in a matter of weeks.

For another easy at-home way to get rid of unwanted body hair, take a look at our range of corded or cordless epilators from best grooming brands like Remington, Braun or Philips. A cordless epilator comes in super handy for a quick and easy hair removal session and can be used anywhere around the house. Forget about finding a spot near the socket.

Braun is a wonderful choice when it comes to expert hair removal solutions. The Braun lady shaver ensures a quick but ultra-close shave for a clean and flawless look without any hassle. 

Get hair removal for less with our BaByliss lady shaver. A brilliant choice to quickly get rid of any unwanted hair and get holiday ready in minutes. It's battery operated and travel friendly, and flaunts an ergonomic design for a comfortable shave every time. Don't forget to lather in some good moisturiser when you're done. Smooth, hair-free skin, tick.