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One of the great things about perfume and aftershaves is just how versatile they are as a product to purchase. Special event coming up? Choose a scent to complement your occasion wear outfit. Birthday money or a bonus that you’d like to spend? Treat yourself to something new - or choose an old favourite. Looking for a special gift for someone in your life? Pick out a brand that they wouldn’t think to treat themselves to. It’s easy to shop for perfume and aftershaves with us. We’ve categorised them in all sorts of ways - by brand, by luxury scents, bestsellers, or buyer’s ratings. Feeling a little overwhelmed or spoilt for choice? Take a look at our ranges by scent - fresh notes (mint), floral (rose, jasmine), or headier notes of white woods and musks under ‘date night’.

Date nights, whether it’s with a partner, new person in your life, or a great group of friends, are the perfect opportunity to get glammed up. Check out our range of make-up, we have everything you’d need from foundations to whole make up sets with a wide choice of colours, as well as make-up bags to carry it all in. To get your hair just right, have a look at some hair straighteners, these are really versatile hair styling tools - go for a wide, flat plate for quick, efficient straightening, or a standard or narrow set for creating tighter curls or for precision.

If you travel a lot, makes sure to pick up a micro straightener set - also super handy for fringes or shorter hair. Of course, you’ll want to get dried efficiently but with as little damage as possible, so take a look at the range of hair dryers we have in stock before getting the styling tools out. It’s not all about the ladies though. Guys, smarten up with our men’s shavers. Some products are multi grooming tools, with a beard trimmer or precision accessories. Perfect the groomed stubble look with BaByliss products - some are for use wet or dry, so you can choose whichever is more comfortable for you.

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