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A little help around the home, or helpful accessories when heading out and about, can make all the difference to anyone’s daily wellbeing. Mobility aids of course include wheelchairs, scooters and crutches, but it’s worth noting that there are many products to help make day-to-day living easier too - from adjustable beds, with personalised reclining positions, to pain management aids like TENS machines. If you’re after more general advice, our independent living articles and guides will have you clued up on topics ranging from the blue badge scheme, to using public transport.

It’s always helpful to have hot water bottles around the house - whether they’re for an extra snuggly night’s sleep, or to help relieve localised pain. Our range of designs will mean everyone in the family will want one! Digital thermometers are essential items in your at-home first aid kit, helping to identify when a raised temperature might need medical attention. Many health aids are designed to seamlessly help your everyday life - think a pill box for ensuring medications are taken on time, or blood pressure monitors for comfortable and accurate home readings of this important statistic.

Had a tumble? Joint support accessories like wrist braces can help keep your injured area in the right alignment. If you’re looking for more general props, our back supports encourage healthy posture. Choose from on-body braces or cushions.