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Many of us have to live with ongoing health issues, which can be incredibly difficult. Our range of health and wellbeing products are designed to help as much as possible. From supports for sore joints to blood pressure monitors and thermometers to keep on top of your vital statistics. For anyone who is looking to reduce weight, or just keen to maintain their waistline we also stock bathroom scales and BMI scales which can monitor the levels of fat in the body.

When it comes to enjoying a high quality of life then keeping yourself clean is essential. Just because you may have mobility issues doesn't mean you can't enjoy your daily shower, our shower chairs, bath steps and bath lifts will mean getting in and out of the tub is as easy and safe as possible.

When stocking up a medicine cabinet or first aid kit a thermometer is a great addition. For the very small we have Tommee Tippee thermometers, which will give you peace of mind for any babies or toddlers. We also stock Braun thermometers as well as other top brands, all easy to use and read.

Part of keeping fit and healthy is taking time to relax and de-stress. After a long day why not treat yourself to a soak in one of our foot spas, we also have a wide choice of neck massagers to ease the strain of the day away.

So, whatever you need to keep on top of your and your loved ones health and wellbeing from one of our Omron blood pressure monitors to a luxury massage chair we have everything you could need.