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Living with a health condition is tough. Our range of health and wellbeing products covers everything to keep on top of your and your loved one’s health. Blood pressure monitors and thermometers allow you to record vital statistics, while bathroom scales keep your weight and BMI on track. We also stock blood glucose monitors and digital pain relief for those with specific needs, as well as light and heat therapy products.

For those who struggle getting into the shower, consider a shower chair. These allow you to sit and relax as you get clean. These are adjustable and can be either wall mounted or non-fixed depending on your needs. We also stock bath lifts for those who prefer a soak instead. Depending on if it’s just a step or professional bath lift you need, we have you covered. And If getting out and about isn’t as easy as it used to be, we also have a great choice of walking sticks available. We have options, which are collapsible, can come with integrated seats, or forearm crutches depending on exactly what you need.

If at the end of the day you feel the need for some extra relaxation, then look no further. We have foot spas available, which can include bubbles and foot massage sections; we also stock neck massagers, which can work as a seat cover as a massage chair or directly on your neck, as well as massage cushions so you can adjust to wherever you need it.