Special occasions and parties

Hosting a birthday party? Here's everything you need

What occasion are you celebrating?

Why buy at Argos?

Be it a birthday or a mass celebration like Christmas or Eid, or maybe an engagement, special occasions like this are a cause for celebration and that often means you could find yourself party planning. If you’re planning a Halloween party, we’ve got all the Halloween decorations you need to make sure yours is a roaring success. So, if you’re looking for balloons, plates, bunting or cups we have everything you need.

If you’re hosting at home, you’ll want to make sure everything is spick and span, so invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner. These are extremely compact, great for getting to those harder to reach nooks and crannies and making sure the sofa is looking spotless. Go for a cordless option for maximum convenience. Make sure your guests have easy access to refreshments with a mini fridge or table top fridge. We’ve got a range of stylish options to choose from and a variety of capacities too, so you’re sure to find the perfect size and aesthetic to suit your home. If you want to keep different beverages separate from each other, a dedicated wine cooler might be a good idea too.

No good party is complete without some entertainment, and a few classic board games are ideal to have on hand and make for a fantastic icebreaker, especially if some of your guests are meeting each other for the first time. Meanwhile, poker sets are a great choice if you want to up the stakes. Set the party atmosphere with one of our rotating disco balls. Whether you go for mirrored or multi-coloured, these are guaranteed to get everybody up and dancing the night away and get your party into full swing.