Home security and safety


Just got the latest 4K TV? Prefer to use the fireplace and you're concerned a fire guard isn't enough? Do you have a lot of expensive jewellery lying around and nowhere to put it? Feeling comfortable in your home is priority, so why not take care of your household with Argos' home security and safety devices.

At Argos, you can kit your home out with all the latest and innovative technology to ensure your financial and physical safety. We have CCTV systems that are hooked up and connected to your smartphones which will enable you to check in on your home or business anywhere - so if you want to relax your mind whilst on holiday that your bikes are still safely locked up in the garage, then you can just log into the app and check it out with a few easy clicks. Install a carbon monoxide detector to keep you breathing easy around your home. We also stock smaller items such as handy little padlocks for adding a safety precaution to the garden shed or looking after your stuff whilst you're in the gym. Look after your environment at Argos.