Pushchair accessories

Why buy at Argos?

A great way to keep your little one happy and warm, while out and about, is with pushchair accessories. We have everything you may need, from parasols to keep them out of the sun, to rain covers to keep them sheltered from the rain. During colder months a footmuff is essential to keep them as snug as possible. Our range includes all different colours and designs and will have your pram, buggy or travel system looking amazing and ready for whatever the weather throws at it, in no time.

If you are planning on a quick trip to the neighbours, or around the shops a baby carrier can be a great solution. No need for big prams, just strap them to you and off you go. Baby loves the feeling of being close to you and you have two hands free for whatever you need them for, win-win! If you are traveling further afield then a decent car seat is a must. Our ranges include options from very young children to twelve year olds, in different designs and colours, but all as safe as can be. If you are planning a trip away with your little one, then make sure you pack a travel cot. These are foldable and are essential to make sure your child has a cosy and safe place to sleep.

It’s a good idea to pack a baby bath too, so any night time routines you may have can stay in place even away from the home. Sometimes, even for older children night time can be a bit scary. Make them feel comforted with a cuddly toy friend. Our range of soft toys includes classic animals, as well as favourite TV show characters. Partner this up with a nightlight and bedtime needn’t be so frightening after all.