Cot toys, baby mobiles and nightlights

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Why buy at Argos?

Add the finishing touch to your little one's bedroom with our selection of cot toys, baby mobiles and nightlights. These can help to entertain and soothe baby at bedtime and have been shown to help memory development. Just pop a baby monitor on the side so you can keep an ear on them.

Creating the perfect nursery means starting with the basics. You can find cot mattresses of varying size, supportiveness and softness to help your little one – and everyone else – get the best night's sleep possible. Adding some babies' furniture to the room will really put their stamp on it, and provide plenty of storage space to keep their things safe.

When they're out and about in their strollers or baby carriers, they can bring their favourite playthings along for the ride. It's also worth having extra baby pillows and baby blankets for outdoor adventures in case your little one gets sleepy in the afternoon.

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