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Why buy at Argos?

For every parent safety is the top priority when it comes to their baby, be that around the home with fireguards, playpens and safety gates. We also sell thermometers, monitors and baby proofing kits to make sure everything is as baby friendly as possible.

For a comfy place to rest and play - and keep a watchful eye on what everyone else is doing - try your new arrival in baby bouncers. These have healthy seating positions and head support so baby can be occupied by the bouncing motion, attached toys and any other features (such as calming vibrations) while the grown-ups get on with tasks around the house, or enjoy some peaceful time next to their little one. For some fun when you’re out and about, have a look at our range of baby trikes, they will love the feeling of forward travel, while you can rest assured that they are securely strapped in.

Once you’re read to head out and about, don’t forget to have a look at baby car seats. Some are suitable right from birth; others are designed just for toddlers and others yet are adjustable to take your child from 0 to 36 months.

Encourage your little one to take their first steps with the help of baby walkers. Many products have a tray packed with interactive baby toys so they stay entertained even while the brakes are on.

If you are looking to get a nursery kitted out for a new arrival, have a look at our nursery furniture sets, they come in a range of different designs and include all the furniture you might need, including a cot, wardrobe and drawers.