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Safety is the main priority with any child. Our range of baby monitors, and safety equipment will ensure that you are fully prepared for you new arrival. A playpen is a great idea to create a safe and secure area for your child to play in, while safety gates will keep dangerous areas like staircases safe from any accidents.

Keep your little one engaged in a baby bouncer with passive learning. They can watch the dangling toys (perhaps spotting themselves in a mirror?), listen to music, and enjoy rocking and vibration settings, depending on the model. These comfortable seats cradle your baby in healthy positions, and straps prevent them from wandering off or falling out. Add extra baby toys to any arch over the bouncer to give them extra items to interact with.

Once they’re able to support their body weight better, encourage them to try their first steps using baby walkers. These suspend your little one in a safe position so they can push themselves along with their feet, and different height settings allow the item to grow alongside your baby.

Time for a wash? Make bath time as stress free as possible with baby baths, enabling even new-borns to be held in a supported position. Digitised products may have built-in thermometers to help the grown-ups get the right temperature of water; and an intelligent scale which can weigh your baby while they are relaxed, accounting for the water and movements.

And for when the family is out and about, encourage exploration with baby trikes. You can safely strap them in, while they enjoy the feeling of forward facing travel.