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Vicks SweetDreams Ultrasonic Humidifier.
Motorola MBP36S video monitor.

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Keep a careful watch of your little one with our diverse range of Safety and Health products, Including big brand products from Motorola, Vicks, Braun and Gro.


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Keep baby out of harm's way with our safety and health range. You'll find gadgets to help baby proof your home as well as technology that lets you cast a watchful eye over little ones. Choose a baby monitor with video function so you can check in on them as they sleep. And use a fire guard to stop tiny fingers touching hot surfaces.

Energetic babies love to be active, and it's important for them to build strength and keep their minds alert. A baby bouncer lets them enjoy motion while they play with baby toys. And you'll be reassured that they can't roll or crawl away. As they grow and start to get itchy feet, baby walkers give them the freedom to stretch their legs while providing the right amount of support. Before you know it they'll be whizzing around on baby trikes.

After all that exercise, they might need a clean-up. Specially designed baby baths safely prop little ones up in the water. Some even display the temperature of the water. So, baby will be comfy, cosy and ready for a good night's sleep.

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