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As a parent, the health and safety of your baby is undoubtedly your number one priority and it can often seem like there's an endless array of considerations to take into account when it comes to bringing up your bundle of joy. But there's no need to feel overwhelmed, because we've got you covered with our comprehensive health and safety range, designed to help you take great care of your little one and enjoy complete peace of mind that they're happy, safe and secure at all times. From health accessories to home safety precautions such as guards and rails, and a host of other baby essentials, you'll find everything you could possibly need right here. 

Baby health

To look after your little one's health, there are a few must-have products you'll want to have on hand, and at the top of your list should be an easy-to-read digital ear thermometer. A home health cabinet staple, one of these will let you take your baby's temperature in moments, with accuracy and precision. If you suspect that your little one is poorly and has a fever, then these are one of the best ways to make sure their temperature is within a safe range - and we have lots of quality options from leading brands like Braun. Consider a model which features age-adjustable fever guidance for added certainty over your child's temperature reading - while a pre-warmed tip ensures their comfort while you take a reading. It goes without saying that babies have very delicate ears, so it's also worth considering some baby ear defenders which will prevent damage from loud noises - just the thing when it comes to enjoying days out with your little one at events like festivals or firework displays. And back at home, how about an air purifier for your little one's nursery or bedroom? Air quality can have a big impact on health, especially developing lungs, and these remove harmful particles like bacteria, mould and allergens from the air, so your baby can breathe easy. It's worth going for a design with an LCD screen that reports real-time air quality too.

Baby proofing 

When it comes to making your home a safe and secure space for your baby, we have everything you'll need. Little ones are naturally curious about the world around them, and baby proofing becomes particularly important once they start to gain more independence and they're crawling, walking and exploring. If you have stairs at home then a stair gate is a must - and an easy-to-fit pressure fit stair gate is an excellent choice. As their name suggests, what's great about this type of gate is that they work by pressure alone. There's no need to drill or screw it into place - so when it's no longer needed, you won't have damaged walls or banisters to contend with! We have plenty of quality designs, and some even feature a pressure indicator so you'll have extra peace of mind that the gate's completely secure at the correct pressure. And a flat step-over bar will keep the rest of your household safe at the top of the stairs. 

Baby monitors

Today's baby monitors are more advanced and hi-tech than ever, which means you can not only hear what your little one is up to but you can keep a close eye on them as well. Take a look at our full range of options from an array of leading technology brands, including our BT baby monitors. There are audio-only styles, but if video capabilities are also a priority then you're in the right place for quality designs which will let you check up on your baby in real-time HD. You can even record those special moments too - and with night vision, it won't matter what the time is! Additional camera features include remote pan and tilt, giving you the ability to keep an eye on what's going on around your little one's room. And with a smart model, you'll also be able to use your smart home assistant to play lullabies for your little one, or display the room temperature on the parent unit. Be sure to check out our Motorola baby monitors for some equally brilliant designs. It's a great idea to go for a model which offers two way talk back capabilities too, so you can not only hear your baby but speak to them and soothe them with your own voice as well. 

And whether you're a proud parent to twins, or you want to monitor both your baby and toddler who are in separate rooms, sensor mat baby monitors are the perfect solution here, giving you the option to pair a second movement sensor pad to your existing baby monitor. With a mattress sensor pad, an alarm will sound if there's no movement after a period of time - while you'll benefit from audio and visual capabilities too. 

Baby bathing

Make bathtime a breeze with our comprehensive baby bathing range, including baby baths designed to make your little one feel safe and secure while you wash them. Consider a digital option which accurately displays the water temperature so you'll know it's safe for your baby - and in-built scales let you weigh your baby too, making this task a little easier and taking multi-tasking to the next level!