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When your baby is moving onto solid food, you can make mealtimes more enjoyable with our selection of highchairs and booster seats. Whether you want a folding highchair that can be packed down after the meal is over, or prefer a classic wooden highchair that goes with your dining table you can find what you’re after. Chicco highchairs and Joie highchairs come in a range of formats, including ones with built in highchair toys to keep little ones distracted while you’re getting everything ready. If a highchair is too bulky and you’re tight on space, a booster seat will attach to your existing dining chairs and fit into a cupboard or small space when you’re done.

Our baby range is extensive and covers every possible parenting need, with top brands like Mamas & Papas offering everything from highchairs to pushchairs. When it’s time to change nappies or get your baby ready for a day out one of our baby changing mats gives you a clean, comfy area to get your baby cleaned up and ready to go. You can get mats that fold up and are ideal for stashing in one of our selection of baby changing bags to take with you on a day out.

As your baby grows and begins to edge towards walking you can help them along the way with baby bouncers. From traditional bouncing chairs for tiny tots, through to door bouncers and freestanding bouncers for kids who are getting close to toddling, they all help them develop the strength in their legs and core to support those first, faltering steps.

When your baby is sleeping, whether it’s a daytime nap or they’ve gone down for the night, you get some time to relax (or maybe even catch up on a bit of housework if you feel like it), but you’ll want to keep a close eye on your child. A baby monitor with visual and audio functions means you can enjoy watching a film or reading a book without having to check on them every ten minutes (which all parents want to do) and you’ll be quickly alerted if they wake up and need your attention.