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If you’re breastfeeding but want to use bottles alongside, be sure to kit yourself out with all the equipment you need from our breast pumps and accessories. Breast pumps help mums to express their milk into bottles for their baby. There could be many reasons for doing this, including letting dad feed the baby too, if you struggle with the feeding demands of your little one, or if you’re going back to work but want to ensure your baby still benefits from all the nutrients and antibodies in your breast milk.

Breast pumps speed up the process of expressing milk by simulating the effects of a baby’s suckling to induce let down and establish a steady milk flow. A manual breast pump gives you control over the pressure and rate so that you can take your time, while electric breast pumps have different settings so you can adjust the suction for your own comfort. Pumps come with a bottle, but you may want to have more baby bottles on hand so that you can express off multiple bottles to be stored in the fridge or freezer.

A nursing chair can make feeding time more relaxed and comfortable for you and your baby regardless of whether they are on the breast or bottle. With extra cushioning, specially designed to support your body during extended feeding, you can sit back and focus on your baby instead of shifting around every few minutes to alleviate pain in your back, neck, or shoulders. Keep a baby blanket on hand so you can keep your baby warm and cosy and they may well drift off to sleep during or after the feed. And of course, you’ll need some baby bibs to catch anything that comes up after the feeding is finished.

Whatever you need for your baby you’ll find it with us. From clothes and baby bouncers through to potties and highchairs, we can help make parenting simpler.