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Getting enough rest is crucial for your little one to grow up strong and healthy - and if they're snoozing away soundly, you'll be able to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye too. Take a look at our comprehensive nursery bedding range for quality bedding that's the first step towards helping your bundle of joy get all the sleep they need. Our hypoallergenic duvets and pillows will keep your baby's delicate skin protected and irritation-free - while pure cotton sheets are just the thing to ensure your bundle of joy is comfortable and not too hot. How about our baby bedding sets for a convenient one-stop shop solution? A few accidents along the way are inevitable, so you won't want to be without a waterproof, machine-washable mattress protector either - and you've come to the right place for a great selection of super soft and comforting baby blankets as well.

Baby sleep aids

There's no denying that those first few months of parenthood can be exhausting, because while your little one might sleep a lot, they won't sleep for long which means you can find yourself getting up at all hours of the night. However, there are a few things you can do to help your young baby sleep a little more soundly - and a great idea for newborns are baby swaddles. Swaddling is a time-tested, traditional method that makes your baby feel snug and secure as they snooze, and moderates their self startle reflex to help stop them disturbing themselves. We have a great selection of swaddles, including two-in-one designs which allow for baby's arms to be in or out. A pure cotton swaddle blanket will be super soft and comfortable, and a three-fold shape without complex fastening means you can snuggly swaddle your little one in seconds. We've got you covered with lots of helpful advice on how to swaddle a baby too.

Be sure to take a look at our selection of nightlights as well. One of these is a great way to provide your baby with some soothing comfort in their nursery at night - and many of our options are packed with handy extra features, including soothing projections that will calm and delight your little one. Go for a model which features a built-in sensor and responds with light and soothing melodies when your baby cries. Some designs can even be attached directly to your baby's bed and include a removable soft toy for added close-by comfort.

Sleep safety

As a parent, it's only natural that your top priority is going to be your little one's well-being - and you've come to the right place for an array of options that'll help you put their safety first while they snooze. Take a look at our baby sleeping bags for the ideal, super safe alternative to sheets and blankets; these allow for completely free movement, so your little one can roll over and kick their legs without any risk of feeling restricted or getting tangled in their blankets. You can't beat these for the convenience factor either. A handy zip makes night-time nappy changes a breeze - and your baby can stay in their sleeping bag when you need to feed them.

When it comes to your baby's safety while they're in their bed, you'll definitely want to consider a cot bumper as well. Adjustable hook and loop fastenings make these easy to fit to the inside of your little one's cot to help protect them from bumps and knocks against the sides of their cot. Go for a four-sided liner or bumper to cover all bases - whether you opt for a plain white design or a cute pattern. A double layer design will provide extra cushioning - while a breathable mesh material means there's no compromise where airflow is concerned so your baby can breathe easy. Meanwhile, an infrared night vision video baby monitor will let you keep an eye on your bundle of joy at all times. Take a look at our options which feature a pan, tilt and zoom camera so you'll be completely in the know about what's going on around them - while a two way talk function gives you the opportunity to soothe your little one with your voice if they wake during the night.

As your child grows and the time comes for them to move into their very first bed, you'll want to ensure they're secure at night. If they've become used to being in a cot with enclosed sides, our bed rails for toddlers are a wise choice at first to prevent your little one from rolling out of their bed. If their bed is placed against the wall then a single rail will be just fine - and if not, we have you covered with double options too. They click easily into place, and can be folded down for your child to get in and out of bed with ease too - while a child safety lock will keep the rail exactly where it needs to be. For extra peace of mind that your little is totally safe while they're sleeping, simply go for an extra wide design.