Potty and toilet training

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Getting your baby toilet trained can be a stressful task, but were here to make it as trouble free as possible. Our potty and toilet training range includes everything you may need to graduate from nappies. Potties, baby toilet seats and step stools will allow ensure you have all the kit you need so say goodbye to those nappies forever. Most people have heard of the usual cot accessories, such as a toy mobile - but what about a baby pillow? Provide the best comfort and support for your new arrival with a hypoallergenic pillow proven to reduce pressure, therefore helping prevent flat head syndrome.

Of course, they’ll need to stay warm, too - both at night, but also out and about during the day in a stroller or trike - so you’ll need a baby blanket (or a few!) Attached soft plush toys serve as comforters for your little one to hold on to. It can be disconcerting to leave your new arrival at night. Keep an eye on them without the risk of disturbing their sleep with baby monitors. Clip the parent unit on to your belt or side of the bed while you go about your day or grab some shut-eye, knowing that any noise will be transmitted to you. Video monitors add the extra peace of mind allowed by visual clues - and high-end models will allow you to remotely pan the camera so you can see every precious moment.

Get full prepared well before baby’s arrival with baby changing bags, a new cot mattress, babies bath seat, bath toys and more - we stock a range of each type of product so you can select whatever suits your family best.