Potty and toilet training



Getting ready to say bye-bye to nappy changes? Our potty and toilet training products will give you and your little ones a helping hand. You can adapt your loo so it's easier for them to use or pick up a colourful device to encourage them to go by themselves.

Potty and toilet training can be tiring work, so make sure you've got a baby pillow and baby blanket on hand for afternoon snoozes. Baby monitors will be especially useful, in case you need to listen out for little voices asking to use the loo during the night.

Going from nappies to toilet doesn't happen overnight, so keep your baby changing bags handy until those little accidents are firmly in the past. If your toddler is too big to be rinsed in the sink, you can find dedicated baby baths or a babies bath seat. These can make life easier and will make your child feel all grown up too.

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