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Changing nappies is no parent’s favourite task in the world, but there’s no escaping it, and in those early months you’ll be spending a lot of time at the changing mat. Make it a little easier on yourself with our range of baby changing essentials and accessories. From changing units through to muslins and reusable nappies, you’ll find everything you need to take the pain (mostly back ache from being bent over for so long multiple times a day) out of changing nappies.

When it’s time for them to leave nappies behind and start the potty training process we have plenty of baby potties for you to choose from. You may be wondering how can potties have much choice? After all they’re a plastic pot for your child to sit on, right? That’s true for your standard potty, but these days you’ll find a range of potties that have features that ease the potty training process, like music that plays when they use it, realistic seats so they feel like they’re all grown up using it, and even loo roll holders! Eventually they’ll leave the potty behind too, but to stop them feeling unsteady on the toilet you can insert a baby toilet seat that fits inside the standard seat to give them extra support.

We also stock a selection of baby baths that, like potties, come in a variety of styles with different features. Some even have built in scales so you can weigh your child and keep an eye on their development, as well as a thermometer to take the guesswork out of water temperature.

Once they’re bathed and changed then you can get them dressed in appropriate baby clothes for the next part of their day. Trousers, dresses, t-shirts, baby-gros, we’ve got everything you need no matter where they’re heading. And you might want to leave the buggy at home and try one of our baby carriers instead. Keeping your baby close to you makes them feel happier and more secure and also keeps your hands free, making them ideal for times when you need to grab some shopping or are going to a cafe with friends.

And when the day is done make sure their crib has plenty of baby blankets and baby pillows so that they have a cosy and comfortable space to get plenty of sleep.