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The early years are vital for development and the more opportunity babies and toddlers have to play and explore, the sooner they’ll be hitting their milestones and growing into happy children. Our range of baby toys from top brands like Fisher Price, VTech, Chad Valley and others will help little ones develop their motor skills, strength and even begin to grasp concepts like colour difference, shapes, numbers and letters. Little Tikes offers a range of baby toys that help child development from birth to two years, as well as toys for older kids too.

For expecting or new parents, we have all the baby accessories you need to furnish a nursery for your little one. If you’ve got a new crib or cot then make sure you have plenty of baby blankets to keep them warm and comfy at nap time. Soft blankets with cute designs are great for use in the cot or keeping them cosy in the pram and we also have swaddling blankets, which can help babies sleep more soundly. Baby pillows are also great for when your baby gets bigger and begins to need some extra support in bed. Also, make sure you have a baby monitor. You can get audio only monitors but video monitors are increasingly popular and many come with features like night vision, thermometers and more. A quality baby monitor means you can get on with housework or just relax and watch some TV or read a book while baby gets a nap in their cot.

Bath time can become a real event with a baby. Not only do you need plenty of soft towels and bath toys. There are also different styles of baby baths to choose from, including fold away models for those who are tight on space, and ones with built in seats to help keep your child supported while you wash their hair and clean them up.

The birth of a new baby is cause for celebration. For those of you with family or friends who are expecting, our baby shower gifts contain plenty of ideas for something special.