Baby walkers, ride-ons and trikes

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Why buy at Argos?

Baby walkers, ride-ons and trikes give babies their first taste of independence. They allow little legs plenty of freedom and build up the strength toddlers need to become confident walkers.

If you can persuade them to get off their trike, you'll need a stroller for days when you're out and about. Baby will be safe and comfy, while you have the benefit of ergonomic design and plenty of handy storage. Back at home, try a baby bouncer to bring the excitement down a notch and help lull your little one off to sleep. After all, learning to walk with baby walkers can be quite tiring.

Getting your bedtime routine just right is essential. A soft, breathable baby blanket for warmth and a specially designed baby pillow for support will set the perfect scene. If your little one is happily snoozing through the night, you'll spend less time listening to disturbances on the baby monitor, and get some more sleep yourself.

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