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State of Mine

Discover decorative self-expression and pick the right type of piercing for you.

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State of Mine.

Body jewellery. It can be expressive, a statement, delicate, understated. However you style it, State Of Mine gives you the quality to wear it with confidence.

Cartilage piercing and fakes

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Helix earrings.

Helix earrings

Add a touch of dazzling design to your look with Helix earrings.
These earrings are perfect for any piercing that goes through the cartilage on the rim of your ear. Normally heals fully within 2-12 months.

Tragus earrings.

Tragus earrings

Loving the lobe piercings but you want more.
Worn in the thick oval of cartilage in front of your ear canal. Heals completely within one year.

Scaffold bars

For when one piercing’s just not enough.
Worn through two holes in the cartilage of your upper ear, industrial piercings heal from 3 months to 1 year.

Fake plugs and stretchers.

Fake plugs and stretchers

When you like the look but not the commitment.
Get the look of an ear plug or stretcher using your existing piercings. 

Facial piercing

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Nose studs and rings.

Nose studs and rings

Stud or ring? Choose the look that suits you.
Nose piercings can be placed anywhere on the nostril, even in the dimple. Keep your piercing clean to help it heal.

Eyebrow bars

Subtle stud or statement bar - we got it all.
Eyebrow piercings can be anywhere along your brow line. Wait 6 weeks before considering changing the original barbell, which will take 3 months to fully heal.

Tongue bars

Bars to suit all styles.
Once it’s healed (after around 4 weeks), you'll need to change to a shorter tongue bar. You don’t want to have jewellery that’s too long, you could accidentally bite it while talking or eating. 

Body piercing

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Nipple bars and hoops.

Nipple bars and hoops

Discover our range of colourful straight barbells or get decorative with a nipple shield. 
Make sure you wait at least 9-12 months or until your piercing is fully healed, before changing to a different barbell, captive bead ring or nipple shield.

Belly bars

Make a statement to suit your individuality with this unique set of belly bars. 
Take special care not to bend and overstretch the pierced area while it’s healing. Clean and salt bathe your piercing every day for at least 3 - 4 months or until fully healed. 

No piercing

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A warm summer’s day or a show-stopping outfit calls for ankles to be accessorised.

Toe rings

Bring out the sandals and transform your tootsies with a toe ring or two.

What size do I need?

Understanding body jewellery sizes doesn't have to be daunting. Once your piercing has healed, you can change the jewellery your piercer used to something a bit more you.

You'll need to know three measurements:

  • The gauge which is the thickness
  • The length of the bar
  • The width or diameter

They're all measured in millimetres. Once you have these you can find a piece of jewellery that will fit your piercing without worrying. 

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