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High quality products with outstanding design

A white Miele washing machine and tumble dryer placed next to each other in an earthy toned room.


Miele's eco-conscious washing machines and tumble dryers deliver powerful results by combining smart energy consumption with water and detergent use, so your clothes are treated with the care they deserve, and the efficiency the planet needs.

Tested for 20 years use, Miele's laundry appliances guarantee you outstanding results for years, day in and day out.

Two bottles of Miele's TwinDos solution being loaded at the bottom of washing machine.


Precise automatic detergent dispensing.
The inside of a Miele tumble dryer with graphic overlay imitating EcoDry technology.

Heat pump with EcoDry

Low energy consumption, high performance.
The inside of a Miele washing machine, with water being poured over a white fabric.

Power wash with QuickWash

A-rated wash results in just 49 minutes.
The inside of the Miele tumble dryer with blue fabric being dried.


No risk of over or underdrying fabrics.
Three Miele vacuum cleaners placed on stairs next to a dog in a living room.


There is a Miele vacuum cleaner for every home. Dust, meet your match! Miele's floorcare solutions are as diverse as the homes we live in. From deep cleans to spot cleans, for pet owners and allergy sufferers, there's a Miele vacuum cleaner suited for your household. All of Miele's vacuum cleaners are designed for long-lasting performance, so you might change your carpet before you change your Miele.

A red Miele bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner, hose and floorhead placed on a wooden floor.

Bagged vacuums

Powerful and reliable cleaning.
Rear end of Miele's Blizzard vacuum cleaner, showing filter with graphic overlay to imitate air filtration.

Bagless vacuums

Powerful suction technology & unique filtration.
Miele's HEPA filter with graphic overlay to imitate filtration.

Goodbye allergies & odours

Filtration options to meet your needs.
A dog with blue eyes resting on a white rug.

Power through pet fur

Banish those clingy pet hairs.
An opened Miele dishwasher loaded with plates, mugs and glasses.


Miele's range of dishwashers are designed to integrate seamlessly into any modern household. Choose from a range of reliable and long-lasting fully integrated and freestanding dishwashers that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

Miele's dishwashers are crafted to provide sparkling results for 20 years and use as little as 6 litres of fresh water. Gently clean, even your most delicate glasses time and time again, and enjoy a range of benefits benefits that make dishwashing easier than ever.

Close up shot of Miele AutoDos cartridge being loaded into Miele dishwasher door.

AutoDos with PowerDisk

Save time with automatic dispensing.
Close up top shot of Miele dishwasher with door slightly ajar and watering filtering inside.

Quick Powerwash

Perfect cleaning results in just 58 minutes.
Multiple grey coloured plates, cups and saucers on top of a white table.

Low water consumption

Use as little as 6L in the Automatic programme.
Built-in Miele Dishwasher door being opened by a hand.

Large capacity

Cutlery tray and 14 place settings.
A grey-toned, scenic kitchen with a grey Miele built-in oven.


You can taste it's a Miele! Miele's kitchen appliances are created to work intuitively together to make your kitchen experience seamless and effortless.

Elegantly designed to enjoy a long lifespan with a focus on sustainability through efficient and innovative features, Miele's range of ovens and hobs further enrich your kitchen with a timeless look.

A chocolate fondant cake with melted chocolate center on a plate.

Temperature accuracy

Consistent with every use, heats evenly.
Inside of a Miele oven being cleaned with a blue cloth.

Effortless cleaning

Pyrolytic or catalytic options.
Close up of Miele built in oven with meat ribs cooking inside.

Rapid heat up

160 degrees in less than five minutes.
Side view of an open Miele built in oven.

5 shelves, large capacity

A roomy 76 litres of cooking space.
Angled view of a dark grey Miele refrigerator in a ktichen.


Innovative technology to keep your food fresher for longer. Miele's range of fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers are designed to be quiet, offer large capacity and feature innovative technology to keep your food tasting fresh and tasty for longer, minimising food waste and reducing impact on the environment.

Inside of a Miele refrigerator, with bottom drawer containing fruits and veggies.

Food freshness

DailyFresh drawer keeps food fresher.
Close up of Miele DynaCool feature within a refrigerator.

Ideal storage

Food stored at optimum temperatures.
Inside of Miele freezer, with drawer pulled out to show food stored inside.

Low operating noise

Designed to be particularly quiet.
Inside of a Miele freezer with illustrated arrows on top to imitate airflow.


Avoid defrosting with NoFrost feature.

Why Miele?


Since 1898, we've never been satisfied with the best.

For Miele, every ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It's a challenge to create something even better. That's why Miele craft their own parts, forge their own iron and even make the machines that make the machines. Striving for perfection is in their DNA. They call it: Immer Besser.


10,000 hours of testing - that's proper proof of performance.

Where others are satisfied after a few rounds of testing, Miele go further for longer. Some car engines need 3,000 hours of testing - Miele check their performance with up to 10,000*. In fact, 30% of their development time goes into testing, ensuring ultimate results year after year.


Longevity is the ultimate sustainablity.

Imagine, instead of using many appliances over the years - just using one Miele appliance. One whose performance will still impress you years from now: using less water, less energy and less detergent, so you consume less and do lasting good.

Good reasons for choosing Miele

Black line art of a medal with a star on a white background.

Miele quality

Household appliances you can trust and rely on.
Black line art of a hand pressing a button on a white background.

Miele technology

Delivering fascinating technology and excellent results.
Black line art of a hand pressing a button on a white background.

Miele convenience

Operating a Miele appliance is both easy and fun.
Black outline of a kitchen against a white background.

Miele design

Clean lines and timeless elegance for your home.
Black outline of a person standing in center against a white background.

Miele service

Miele customers enjoy preferential treatment.
Black outline of capital word M against a white background.

Miele brand

In many countries, the most coveted brand in its branch of industry.

* During the development phase of the W1 washing machine series, Miele tested models and core components in 5000 wash loads (= 5 wash loads per week for 50 weeks per year) in various programmes. More on: