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Welcome to Men's Health

Transforming the way you train so you can reach your fitness goals.

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Welcome to Men's Health.

The experts at Men's Health, the UK's best-selling men's magazine, have developed a home gym range to be proud of. From strength training to cardio, Men's Health has got it covered - so why not trade in your gym membership and begin your training in the comfort and convenience of your own home?

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It's not all about men. Discover our range of women's health weights and fitness products, designed to help you achieve your fittest and strongest self yet.

Free-weight workouts

Build strength and muscle mass with our range of free weights. Ideal for core workouts or high intensity training.

Home gym equipment

Train your whole body with these home gyms. Help improve your overall fitness and physique by working a number of different muscle groups

Fitness accessories

Discover a range of accessories that cover all of your training needs. From pull-up bars and exercise mats, to medicine balls and more.

Cardio equipment

Pull towards your fitness goals with equipment designed to help boost muscle strength and increase stamina.

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Home workout routines

Medicine ball Russian twist

  • Sit with your knees bent and feet raised a few inches off the ground. 
  • Hold the medicine ball in front of your chest. 
  • Lean back so your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the floor.
  • Without lowering your torso or dropping your feet, brace your core and rotate to one side touching the ball to the floor. 
  • Pause, then reverse the movement and twist to the other side.
  • Your torso and thighs should form a V-shape to ensure it’s your abs doing the work

Goblet squat

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a kettlebell held in front of your chest with both hands.
  • Start by bending your knees and sitting back with your hips.
  • Go down as far as you can and then reverse the motion back to the starting position.
  • Keep your head up and back straight throughout the move.
  • 15 squats with 30 seconds rest.
  • Want to up the intensity? Hold the squat position for two seconds every time.

Renegade row

  • Get in to a plank position, with a weight in both hands.
  • Lift alternative hands towards the chest and then place on the ground.
  • We suggest doing a static plank for 60 seconds, then straight in to the renegade row for 20 reps.
  • Fancy making it harder? Increase the weight and throw a press-up in the end of each set of rows.

Transforming the way you train

Don't want to hit the crowded gym this January? Fear not, you don't have to. This circuit targets every core muscle from your deep abs to your obliques with laser precision.

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