Mammoth mattresses

Mammoth mattresses are really comfy and have been scientifically shown to improve your sleep by the Centre for Sleep Research.

Mammoth mattresses.

Mattresses that do you good

Get the rest you deserve and find your dream mattress right here. Mammoth are endorsed by health professionals and work in partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), delivering on the promise that a Mammoth mattress can really do you good.

Medical Grade Foam

Specifically designed to improve sleep, provide great support and comfort while not overheating.

Partnered with health professionals

Mammoth mattresses are recommended by health professionals around the UK and are CSP partners.

The healthy mattress choice

Scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep. Wake and Rise mattresses can help you up the ladder to better health.

Wake collection

Beautifully simple. The comfortable Wake mattress collection is designed with healthcare in mind to ease aches and improve sleep.

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Rise collection

An evolution in sleeping well. The tailored Rise mattress collection provides even more healthcare features and sumptuous quilting to relieve aches and improve sleep.

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Premiership dreams

Mammoth are the official sleep partner of the Rugby Players Association, playing a key role in providing better sleep, physical health, recovery and general wellbeing to their players. Mammoth also provide education and welfare programmes to professional players throughout the domestic and international game in England.

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