How to make a claim

Report the incident immediately to our claims helpline on 0844 335 0468 and provide us with all the information you obtained at the scene. Our claims staff will record details and help you report the incident to your insurer. If your vehicle is not drivable then remove any personal possessions and ensure that your vehicle is made as secure as possible. If the incident relates to the theft of your vehicle or theft from your vehicle you must report the incident to the police immediately and make a note of the crime book reference number.

Accidents can be stressful so please remember that the quality of our service is assured. By following our guidelines you will ensure that any stress is kept to a minimum. Always bear in mind that you should not apologise, admit that you were to blame, offer to pay for anything or sign anything at the scene of an accident. Doing so could make it difficult for your insurer to manage your claim and it may also affect your rights.

If you have an accident that involves an injury to any person or certain animals, another vehicle or damage to property, you must stop. If you own the vehicle you must give your name, address and Policy details to anyone who has good reason to ask. If you do not own the vehicle you must provide the owner's name and address.

If there is an injury you must report the incident to the Police within 24 hours. It is important that you obtain the following details:

  • The registration number of each vehicle involved
  • The name, address and telephone number of each driver and of any witness
  • The number of passengers in each vehicle
  • The Policy details of the other drivers including the certificate or Policy number
  • A note of all injuries suffered
  • Details of any property damaged and the extent of the damage
  • The name, number and Constabulary of any Police officer involved.


Make a rough sketch of the accident scene showing the position of the vehicles before and after the accident. Include road markings and the positions of any parked cars, lamp posts and telegraph poles etc.

As with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. See Policy Summary for details.

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