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What is a Quick Check Application?

With the Argos Card, we will take the information you give us and tell you whether you are likely to be accepted BEFORE you actually apply. This means that it can’t affect your credit rating. If you choose to then APPLY, a successful credit search will be added to your credit history that is held by credit reference agencies. If you’re unlikely to be accepted and you don’t APPLY, then no application search is added to your credit history.
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How can I apply for an Argos Card?

You can apply for an Argos Card in the following ways: Online we can give you an idea whether you’d be accepted before you apply, using our Quick check application. You can also apply in your local store or by telephone on 03456 400 701 and when ordering items via Argos Direct on 0345 640 2020. You can even apply through the Argos app (IOS or Android) or on your mobile devices. It's quick and easy to apply - all we need is general information about you.
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Will I get an instant decision if I apply online?

If you complete the application process and you are accepted then we will let you know immediately.

In certain circumstances we may need to get a little more information from you over the phone to complete the application before we can make a decision. So if this is the case please bear with us.
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What happens if I’m accepted and how quickly will I receive my Argos Card?

If you apply online or via the app and your application is successful (you will need to sign your agreement electronically by clicking on a tick box) then your Card will usually arrive within 7 to 10 days.

If you apply in-store we will ask you to sign your agreement and then your Card will be sent to you as soon as possible (usually within 7-10 days).

If you apply over the phone and your application is accepted we will send you an agreement which you will need to sign and return to us. Once we've received your signed agreement your Argos Card will be dispatched to you within 7-10 days. So the quicker you can get the signed agreement back to us, the quicker we can send your Card to you.

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How secure is the application process?

The website you are viewing is a secure site, with a valid certificate provided by Verisign. The site provides secure communication which means that all of the information you provide (such as name, credit card number and banking details) is encrypted during transit. This website uses Verisign's strongest possible protection and it protects all data transmitted to the site using 128 - bit SSL encryption.

The certificate is a statement guaranteeing the security of the site.

We recommend that you view this site using the latest version of your chosen browser available (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc). For your added security we also recommend that you only use the online application function from a browser located in a safe environment (i.e. we wouldn’t recommend using any public computer to complete the application, such as web cafes or libraries).
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Will my application be subject to a credit search?

If you apply in-store or over the phone, your application will be subject to a credit search. If you use the Quick Check application process online then we will give you an idea of whether you would be accepted BEFORE you actually submit your application. If you do decide to complete the application then a credit search will be performed with a credit reference agency. This will assess your credit rating and to establish your identity, where required. Each time a credit search is conducted it is recorded against your details which are held at the credit reference agency.
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Can I re-apply if I am not accepted the first time?

Yes but you will need to wait three months before re-applying.
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What is Buy Now Pay Later?

A Buy Now Pay Later plan allows you to pay nothing for a defined period of time (usually 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on how much you have spent or what you have bought) after you make a purchase, giving you the option to either pay off the balance before the end of the ‘Payment free’ period and pay no interest, or allow you to spread the cost over a longer period.

If you choose to spread the costs even further, deferred interest accrued from the date of purchase will be added to your balance and you can then choose to pay as much or as little as you wish until the balance is paid off, subject to a minimum monthly payment as detailed in the terms and conditions.

Our most popular plan is 6 months Buy Now Pay later when you spend over £99, but there are even longer periods available, e.g. up to 12 months on selected products. The latest plans available to you are available
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What is deferred interest?

Deferred interest is interest which is due from the date of your purchase. Paying deferred interest can be avoided by paying off the Argos Card credit plan by the due date. For example, if you have a 6 month BUY NOW PAY LATER plan and you pay off the cash price any time up to the 6th month, then the deferred interest won't be charged and all you will pay is the original cash price.

The due date for any plan you have is shown on every statement that you receive and we'll send you a letter with your statement around a month before your payment date to remind you of the amount you need to pay to avoid paying interest. If you choose not to clear the balance by the date it is due then the interest will be the same as if you had bought the item on the Normal Credit plan, which attracts a representative APR as detailed in your agreement .
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What is the interest rate?

The representative APR is 29.9% for the account, although some accounts may attract a different interest rate based on their individual circumstances.
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Where can I use my Argos Card?

Your Argos Card can be used to for any purchase at Argos - in-store, via the Internet, tablet or mobile phone app or by contacting Argos Direct on 0345 640 2020.
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Where do I need to send the credit agreement once I've signed it?

If you've received your credit application and agreement in the post, please check, sign and send both to:

Home Retail Group Card Services Limited
Thynne Street
Bolton, BL11 1AS
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Do I require a PIN number for my Argos Card

You won't need a PIN for your Argos Card, so unlike most debit or credit cards you'll be able to take advantage of our great credit offers without having to memorise a PIN number.
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How often will I receive a statement?

If you are using your Argos Card regularly, you will receive a statement every month showing all your transactions. Otherwise we will send you a statement at least once a year.
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What are the payment methods?

You can make payments against your Card balance by using any of the following payment options:

  1. By Direct Debit. If you would like to set this up, please call the Call Centre on: 03456 400 700*. You can either choose to pay your minimum payment each month or set up a full balance payment.
  2. You can manage your account at where you can make payments using any valid debit card or set up a direct debit.
  3. You can call our automated payment system on 03456 400 700.
  4. Send a cheque attached to the giro slip at the bottom of your statement to the following address: Home Retail Group Card Services Limited, Thynne Street, Bolton, BL11 1AS. Please allow 5 days for the payment to reach your account. To avoid delays, please write your address, postcode and account number on the back of the cheque.
  5. By cash or cheque at any bank using the giro slip on the bottom of your statement. There should be no handling fee at your own bank or at any branch of Lloyds/TSB bank. Please allow 5 days for the payment to reach your account.
  6. If your bank offers a direct bill payment service, just call them or visit their website. Quote our direct payment account number: 9050 5498 plus the sort code 20-91-79. Your customer reference number is your Argos Card number without the first 6 - so it starts with a 3354

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How can I find out my balance in between receiving statements?

Just call Argos Card Services on 03456 400 700*, quoting your account details and they'll be able to tell you. Alternatively you can also register at and manage your account online, 24/7. It only takes a few minutes to register. You will need your Argos Card and your current credit limit to hand in order to register.
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What should I do if I have an enquiry related to my account?

Simply call Argos Card Services on 03456 400 700*, or write to us at Argos Card Services, Thynne Street, Bolton, BL11 1AS.
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What do I do if my Card is lost or stolen?

Let us know immediately by calling the Call Centre on 03456 400 700*. You will not be liable to us for losses which take place after you have told us about the theft or loss as long as you confirm this in writing within seven days. If your Argos Card is lost, stolen or misused by someone without your permission, you may have to pay up to £50 of any loss to us. If it is misused with your permission you will probably be liable for ALL losses.

* Lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday. To maintain a quality of service, calls may be monitored or recorded. Call charges may vary please check with your provider.
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What can I do if my application has been unsuccessful?

There may be a number of reasons why your application has been unsuccessful. When considering your application we take many factors into account, including the use of credit scoring systems and data held on credit reference agency files. You may find it helpful to contact the credit reference agency we used to help us reach our decision. Under the Consumer Credit Act you have the right to see your Credit Reference File.

Online (24 hours, 7 days a week):
Phone (24 hours, 7 days a week): 0344 481 0800
Post: Write to The Consumer Help Service, Experian, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG1 5GX, enclosing a cheque for the fee of £2.
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What should I do if I can't afford to make my payments?

Please contact us on Telephone: 03456 400 700.

We understand that from time to time you may struggle to make a payment, or your circumstances may change meaning that you are struggling to make future payments. If you are having any problems making your payments, then please contact us and we can discuss what options are available to you.
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What should I do if I have a complaint about the Argos Card?

If you wish to make a complaint you can do so by making contact through any of the channels listed here:

Telephone: 03456 400 700
Email: customercare–
Write to us at: Home Retail Group Card Services Limited, Thynne Street, Bolton, BL11 1AS

We will aim to resolve your complaint within 48 hours, where we are unable to do so we will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint until we have resolved it.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, internally, to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service by writing to them at Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR, calling 0300 123 9123 or emailing If you require any further information you can visit their website

Alternatively you can register a complaint through the European Union's Online Dispute Resolution portal here: There is certain criteria that must be satisfied for your complaint to be resolved through the Online Dispute Resolution portal.

If you are complaining about any Argos credit or insurance products then we will not consent to the Financial Ombudsman Service (Alternative Dispute Resolution entity for Financial Services complaints) dealing with the complaint if we have not first had an opportunity to resolve it for you. For more information about Online Dispute Resolution please visit:
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