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Mobile Phone Care

What would you do if your new mobile phone was stolen? Or if you accidentally put it through the wash? Buying a new one could be a hassle, and expensive too. But if you take out Argos Mobile Phone Care, you won't have to worry.

Don't worry about a stolen phone or broken screen

  • Protection for up to 12 months
  • Damage caused by accident, including smashed screens & waterlogged circuits
  • It's easy to get a replacement with Argos

Prices start from £6.99 for 12 months protection* - Full price list

Taking out Mobile Phone Care

At present, Mobile Phone Care may not be bought for mobile phones purchased online, however it can be bought on mobile phones purchased at any Argos store at the same time as purchasing your phone or up to 45 days from purchasing your phone. Just bring your phone back into store with your receipt(s).

Protect your product in 3 easy steps

    1) Select the product you'd like to purchase
    2) Use the price list below to find out how much your protection will cost
    3) To buy your Mobile Phone Care, just pop in-store with your purchase receipt

Your terms and conditions will be sent to you in the post. Keep them safe as you will need to request a repair.

Water and phones don't mix...

With Mobile Phone Care you'll be protected against damage caused by accident, so whether the circuit is waterlogged or the screen is smashed you will get a replacement at no extra cost.

A full list of exclusions and restrictions are outlined in the Terms & Conditions below.

If your phone is stolen...

From your home, pocket or your bag, including when you're on holiday (for up to 90 days), you'll be covered with Mobile Phone Care.

See Terms and Conditions below

*Prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes

Mobile Phone Care
Cost of item Price of Mobile Phone Care Cat No.
£19.99 to £24.99 £6.99 8840626
£25 to £49.99 £12.99 8840633
£50 - £99.99 £24.99 8840640
£100 - £199.99 £49.99 8840657

Please note: Don't include the cost of phone credit when calculating the price of your phone.

Mobile Phone Care provides a voucher for a replacement phone if your phone is stolen. You will receive a replacement if it is damaged accidentally.

Once you have successfully claimed on your policy, all cover will end.

Terms and conditions apply. Please pick up a leaflet in store or view our online leaflet for full details

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