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Pay nothing every month for brilliant digital satellite TV

We're the digital satellite TV service offering more than 140 TV and radio channels and HD from BBC and ITV for free.


Freesat now with BBC iplayer* - Getting set up is easy to do so you will need:
  • A freesat HD or a freesat+ product connected to a satellite dish
  • A minimum actual broadband speed of 1Mbps, or 2Mbps for high quality viewing
  • Either an ethernet cable or HomePlug to connect your freesat box to your broadband router

BBC iplayer will be available on: freesat HD and freesat+ HD digital TV recorder. * BBC iPlayer scheduled to be on freesat early 2010. See freesat.co.uk for more details. Freesat HD receiver & broadband connection required.


Take a read through these frequently asked questions about freesat.

What channels does freesat offer? freesat has over 140 digital TV and radio channels including the five basic channels plus favourites like BBC Three, ITV2, ITV3, Film 4, E4, BET, CBS Drama, CBS Action, CBS Reality, BBC News, CNN, Bloomberg, The Food Network, CBBC, CBeebies, Kix! and many more. Our 8 day programme guide makes it easy to choose what to watch, at the press of a button. Your freesat digital box or HD TV will automatically update with the latest channels and services, with no need to retune.

What HD channels does freesat offer? Freesat currently has BBC HD and ITV HD, like all of our channels they are also subscription free.

Which catch up services can I access? BBC iPlayer is now available on freesat - see set up details above. ITV and freesat are working together to launch ITV Player onto freesat in the first half of 2010.

Will I be able to receive freesat in my area? freesat is broadcast via satellite so coverage is UK-wide. You will need a fully installed satellite dish.

Do I need satellite installation? If you already have a satellite dish and cabling, in most cases you can simply plug your freesat digital box or freesat TV directly into the existing cables. If you need a new satellite dish (or need extra cables adding to your set-up) you should book a professional installation.