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There are several different types of iron from which to choose. The level of steam of an iron will generally dictate how long your ironing will take. A dry iron is the most basic model, giving simple clear operating functions. The following explains how steam irons, integrated with spray can make your ironing less of a chore:

Steam irons

A steam iron applies a small amount of steam to your garments whilst ironing, making it easier and quicker to remove creases than ironing with a dry iron.

Steam/spray irons

Steam/Spray irons have the same functionality as steam irons, but with the added benefit of being able to spray a small amount of water on to the garment through a nozzle as the front of the iron. This is especially useful when clothes are very dry and the creases are more defined.

Steam/spray/shot irons

Steam/Spray/Shot irons have the same functionality as Steam/Spray irons, but with an added benefit of being able to trigger a shot of intense steam directly on to the fabric. This is excellent for thick fabrics when ironing could take longer. Also use vertically to remove creases from curtains and coats.

Steam generator irons

Whiz through your ironing using a steam generator, giving a constant flow of high pressure steam directly to your garments.

Anti-scale irons

It is important to ensure that your iron is scale free as scale can diminish the steaming power of an iron. Some irons offer a built in filtration system to eliminate limescale. Alternatively, simply clean your iron with a descaling product.


There are four types of soleplate from which to choose:

  • Aluminium - As this is not non-stick, the surface could be sticky with time.
  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-stick coated.