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Recordable DVD players & Personal Video Recorders - Buyers Guide
Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) - is bringing about a mini revolution in the world of home entertainment.

Picture quality - DVD players offer almost twice the resolution of traditional Video Cassette Recorders; therefore programmes viewed on DVD players are sharper and clearer, with more vibrant colours, and free from any slights or interference.


Sound quality – DVD players can deliver two channels of standard CD quality sound and several configurations of Dolby Digital, from mono sound to 5.1 channel surround.

Viewing options – you can navigate through a DVD disc with ease. Depending on the film or programme you are watching, and how many chapters it is divided into, the player can skip from chapter to chapter to find the scene you need quickly and easily.

Player set up and configuration is through an on-screen display which is simple to follow. When watching DVDs, this on-screen menu lays out all your viewing options in an easy to understand format. Some models offer extra visual effects such as a variable zoom, which allows you to zone in on a scene for a close up view.

Additional features – DVD players are also equipped to play CD’s often at a better quality than your existing stereo system. Some models offer you the chance to view digital photos on a CD, and other models will play back MP3 discs and recordable CDs.

Recordable DVD
As the title suggests this feature allows you to record TVprograms to recordable DVD discs.

There are several different formats of discs available:
DVD RAM – allows you to watch a programme from the start that is still being recorded. Watch one programme on the disc whilst recording another and pause live TV. RAM discs can be re-written but only played on a DVD RAM player.

DVD-R/RW - Automatically finds and records onto the blank space on a disc. Plays back on most DVD players. DVD-R format discs are write once only; DVD-RW format discs can be re-written.

DVD+R/RW - Recordings will playback on most DVD players. Ideal if you wish to share recordings. DVD+R format discs are write once only, DVD+RW format discs can be re-written.

Video Plus - just enter the reference number of your selected programme (found in most listings) and your DVD recorder is set to record.

Time slip - Watch a programme from the start whilst it is still being recorded. Allows you to pause live TV.

Personal Video Recorders
Personal Video Recorders are the latest development in digital viewing and recording technology. Each unit combines a digital receiver and digital video recorder. This provides access to all digital channels and radio stations available through Freeview.

PVR’s are available with single tuner or twin tuner option. The single tuner option offers a simple to use Digital Video Recorder. The twin tuner version allows users to watch one channel whilst recording another, or record 2 channels at the same time.

PVR’s are available with various hard disk sizes so that you can record without the need for separate tapes or DVDs. The larger the size of the hard disc drive the greater the number of programmes that can be recorded.