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Tumble dryers

Energy Efficiency is rated using A through to G. A being the most efficient, G being the least efficient.

Energy efficiency - laundry appliances carry energy symbols, which give guidance on their energy efficiency and performance.

When buying an electrical appliance, choosing and energy efficient one makes sense to the pocket and the environment.

tumble dryer

Which type of tumble dryer? - Vented tumble dryers expel the damp air created by drying clothes via a hose which will need to be fixed through an outside wall or hung out of a window.

Condenser tumble dryers turn the damp air created by drying clothes into water and collects it meaning they can be used anywhere wivthin the home.

Drying load - the greater the machine drum capacity the more drying you can do at any one time.

Spin speed - the higher the spin speed, the quicker water will be extracted and the dryer your clothes will be at the end of the spin cycle, therefore reducing drying time. Spin speeds generally range from 800-1600RPM, with 1000RPM being efficient for most drying needs.

Load capacity - capacities of tumble dryers range from 3-6KG, the larger the drying load the larger capacity required.