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Reserve Online

Need it in a hurry? Then make sure you reserve online today.

Why spend time searching for an ideal item only to realise once you’re in store it’s out of stock? Reserve online ensures you can quickly check stock, the latest prices and reserve products at your local store.

Here at Argos, we understand the need to instantly purchase a much-needed or sought-after product. Everyday material dilemmas – such as being unable to print an important document because your printer has unexpectedly run out of ink, or suddenly realising your garden looks like a jungle but your ancient lawnmower is on the blink – make you wish you could quickly obtain a new product with no hassle.

Luckily our handy reserve online service allows you to do just that. Simply click online, go on your app, phone or text to check the availability of a product, reserve it and then collect in store that same day. No ifs, no buts, and no excuses – your product is guaranteed to be there on collection.

Reserve online is available on ALL items that can be reserved in store for collection and do not require home delivery. Over 15,000 products are available to reserve – just look out for the "Reserve online" icon situated in the product list:

If in stock, they will be available for immediate collection and held until the end of the next working day. So you can pop in to your local store at a time that’s convenient for you – whether it’s on your lunch break, after work, or just before you pick up the kids from school.

If any item is showing as not in stock at the store today, there’s no need to panic as they can usually be ordered for you from our warehouse to collect within 3 working days.

Please note that some products cannot be reserved for store collection without prior payment. This is to assure that we can satisfy all orders, especially where a product is popular.

Find out how to Reserve Online

How to Reserve Online

The simplest way to reserve online is by using the '1 Click Reserve' button, situated on the right-hand side of the screen. This can be activated by registering with Argos.

Once you have selected your desired item, you can use the '1 Click Reserve' option to make an instant reservation at your chosen store and be taken to an on-screen confirmation of when your item will be available to collect from the store.

Alternatively, you can reserve in the following way:

Step 1: Click Buy or Reserve

Use the 'Buy or Reserve’ button at the right-hand side of the screen to add items to your trolley.

Step 2: Choose to Go to Trolley

Select the ‘Go to Trolley’ option at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click Collection

Click ‘Collection’ on the right-hand side of your screen.

Step 4: Insert information

You will be taken to a page with three separate tabs. Enter your postcode or town name under ‘Step 1 – Find a Store’ then click continue.

You will then see the next tab ‘Step 2 – Confirm Details’. Add in your Email address and, if you wish, your Mobile number.

You will then be taken to the third tab ‘Complete’. Here you will receive confirmation that you have reserved successfully. An email confirmation, and a free text – if you entered your mobile number, will follow shortly.

Step 5: Collect & Pay

Take your reservation number to a till or quick pay kiosk where you'll be able to pay for and collect your items.

No waiting for the stock to be found, no being disappointed by unavailable products – it’s that simple!

Other ways to reserve

By phone: Call 0345 640 1010

Make sure you know the catalogue number(s) of the product(s) you wish to reserve and your store number (3 or 4 digit code), which you can find in our store locator or at the back of the Argos catalogue. Then call 0345 640 1010 and follow the simple steps.


By text: 61201

Text the catalogue number followed by either your postcode, store town name, or number. Make sure there's a space between them (For example: 5003727 HA46LL, 5003727 Woking or 5003727 108) and text to 61201 If the item isn't in stock, we'll text you when it's available. Texts are charged at a standard rate.

Store numbers can be found in our store locator or at the back of the Argos catalogue.

By iPhone, iPad or Android

This free app has everything you need to make shopping with Argos quicker and easier

  • Latest price cuts
  • Price & stock checker.
  • Reserve your products
  • Store opening times
  • Customer product reviews
  • Directions to your nearest store

Download the Argos app now and have over 25,000 products at your fingertips.