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Argos Gold Trade-in Service - Sell your unwanted Gold jewellery

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Sell your unwanted gold jewellery

By following the few simple steps below you will soon be able to claim the value locked away in your unwanted, broken, or old hallmarked Jewellery.

Our fantastic new service allows you to trade-in your old, broken, or unwanted Gold Jewellery for brand new Jewellery or a brand new TV or brand new furniture or in fact any of the 20,000 products in the Argos Catalogue by using your Argos Gift card.

Alternatively you could just take the monetary valuation of your gold as a cheque or bank transfer.

Step 1: Collect it

  • We buy all types of hallmarked or stamp marked gold: 9ct. 10ct. 14ct. 18ct. 22ct. 24ct. irrespective of the condition. Don't worry if it is old, broken, or damaged as long as it is hallmarked.

    More info on Hallmarking: British Hallmarking Council - Hallmarking guide.pdf This link opens a new window
  • Collect all the hallmarked & stamp marked gold that you would like to get valued. It could be any type of jewellery* including:

Rings, Bracelets, Brooches, Necklaces, Pendants, Watches, Gold Coins, Cuff, Links, Charms, Bars

*Remember: to ensure that any gem stones in the jewellery are removed before you send it to us as unfortunately we do not value gem stones and will not be able to return these to you if valuation is accepted.

Step 2: Send it

  • Pick up a Gold trade-in pack from selected Argos stores This link opens a new window
  • Fill in your customer details on the front of the bag
  • Put all your unwanted, broken or old gold jewellery into the plastic grip seal bag and seal it securely
  • Fill in the Jewellery details of what you have included on the back of the bag i.e. 1x Gold Chain, 2x Gold Rings
  • Finally place the bag into the Royal Mail Special delivery envelope

Step 3: Post it

  • Send the envelope to us from any Post Office counter DO NOT PUT THE ENVELOPE IN A POST BOX.
    Your package will be sent free and is insured up to £500.
  • If you think your gold might be worth more than £500, divide it up across a number of packs, all of which are completely free from selected Argos stores This link opens a new window
  • Remember to keep your Post Office receipt.

Step 4: The valuation

Once we have received your Gold we will contact you with our best price within five working days.

Please note: You agree that to undertake a valuation a scraping will be required from the goods in order to determine the gold carat; we will not compensate you for this, nor make good any damage which may be caused when scraping the goods for the valuation.

Step 5: Receive your money

If you are happy with the offer we will immediately arrange for your Argos Gift Card, cheque or bank transfer to be organised and sent out to you. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our offer we will return your jewellery to you promptly and also free of charge.

We guarantee to offer significantly more if you opt to take an Argos Gift Card:

4 gram 9ct Gold Ring = £33.00 for Cheque or Bank Transfer or = £37.00 for Argos Gift Card. Price example only. As at 01/03/11 (subject to change)

We only buy hallmarked and stamp marked Gold. When you post your items please keep your Post Office receipt safe. This can be used to track your item via the Royal Mail website. For more information or any queries contact our Customer Service Team on 0845 200 1282. (8am  6pm Monday to Friday and 10am  4pm Saturday and Sunday)

Our trust promise to you:

Argos pledges to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your unwanted gold jewellery & we feel that our simple step by step valuation process allows you to do this.

Argos is committed to always offering our customers the best value for money so you can trust that our valuations on your Gold jewellery will always offer great value in the market.

If however, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with our offer we will return your jewellery to you promptly and also free of charge.

Terms & conditions

View all Argos Gold Trade-in Service Terms and Conditions This link opens a new window

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