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Children's beds

Bedtime is always an adventure with our children's bed range, including plenty of fun options to save space. Many of our beds have extra storage options such as drawers, a cupboard, or even a desk to help keep your child's bedroom neat and tidy.

Types of Children's beds


  • Bunk bedBunk beds
    Ideal for growing families, they usually come complete with mattresses.
  • High sleeperHigh sleepers
    Similar to a bunk bed style without the bottom bed. Many have storage or desk options that fit underneath.
  • Mid sleeperMid sleepers
    Raised up from the floor, with room for storage or play space underneath.
  • Cabin bedCabin beds
    Tend to be smaller beds with most having storage underneath.
  • Divan bedDivan beds
    These versatile beds consist of a base and a mattress. If your child needs extra storage look out for divan beds with 2 or 4 drawer options, ideal for storing away toys and clothes.
  • TV bedTV beds
    Multimedia beds have a built in TV. Many also have extra storage to accommodate your DVD player and games consoles.


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