Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS offers a 3D display on the upper screen giving objects within the game a feeling of space. It becomes easier to see the position of characters and obstacles, making many game playing experiences even more intuitive.  With Motion and Gyro sensors inbuilt to provide motion controls portable game play reaches new levels of interactivity.


Key Features

  • 3D viewing without glasses - The 3DS features a 3.53 inch widescreen LCD display enabling 3D viewing of games without the need for any special glasses.
  • 3D photos - The 3DS features two outer cameras, which are capable of capturing 3D photos, plus one inner camera.
  • Motion control - The inbuilt motion sensor and the gyro sensor on the 3DS means you can tilt the console for in game effects.
  • Play Nintendo 3DS games in 3D - The 3DS features a new range of games never seen in 3D before and some classics.
    • •   The new design also features '3D depth' slider on the side which will adjust the intensity of the 3D effect so that you can find a level that is comfortable for you. You can also completely turn off the 3D effects if required.
    • •   The 3DS is fully backwards compatible with DS games and will accept game cards from the Nintendo DS, allowing you to still play all your favourite games without the need to build a new collection from scratch.
  • Play online and browse the internet - The 3DS is wireless compatible which means multiple 3DS consoles can connect via a local wireless connection to experience competitive gaming in 3D on your Nintendo 3DS console.


Nintendo DSi

With dual screen action and Touch screen interaction the DSi offers a totally different gaming experience. Wireless communication technology allows you to join friends in multiplayer games, or use the system’s PictoChat software to send messages and drawings.

Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL has all of the features of the DSi but has larger 4.2inch screens and includes A Little Bit of Brain Training and 6 in 1 Dictionary pre-installed. A larger stylus is included for added precision when playing on the larger screens.

Key Features

  • Dual Screens - One screen can be used to show the main action, whilst the other may be used to display static information or maps. Both screens can combine to offer a larger playing area.
  • Touch Screen - the Nintendo DSi utilises touch screen technology on the lower screen. With the stylus and touch pen you can write, draw, select and control games simply by touching or drawing on the screen.
  • Nintendo WiFi Connection- The Nintendo DSi has wireless communication technology which allows multiple consoles to connect to a wireless network, letting you play against your friends right across the world.
  • Photos - You can use your DSi to take photos and manage them easily using the Photo Album. Have fun editing the photos you’ve taken by using a variety of different lenses.
    • •   Send or receive photos on the internal memory or an inserted SD card (sold separately) or even upload them onto your Facebook profile.
  • Music Player - By loading songs in ACC file format onto an SD card (sold separately) and inserting this in to your DSi you can turn your DSi into an interactive music player. Plug in a pair of headphones and fold the Nintendo DSi system to close and you can listen to your tunes on the go.


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