Xbox 360

The XBOX 360 - A gamers console with a large range of games and accessories available for all ages. XBOX 360 is also able to store, organise and play music, photos, video and TV. New improvements on the slimline version are the cooler and quieter running performance of the console
The XBOX 360 4GB Console has built-in WiFi  for easier connection to the world of entertainment on XBOX LIVE, for HD movies and TV streaming and you can play with your friends from all over the world with a XBOX Live gold membership. One month free trial of XBOX LIVE Gold to get you started is offered when you register a new XBOX LIVE account.

There is also a 250GB hard drive version available which gives you plenty of space to store your favourite games, movies and music.

Key features

  • XBOX 360 Games and Accessories- an incredible number of XBOX 360 games are available.
  • The XBOX 360 range supports full high definition gaming so you can live the experience with incredible on screen detail.
  • We also stock a huge range of XBOX 360 accessories to enhance your gaming experience.
  • XBOX LIVE- the online gaming and entertainment service delivered through your XBOX 360. Just hook your console up to your broadband connection and get excellent access to games and entertainment online
    • •   XBOX LIVE allows multi-player gaming and interactive play with a huge gaming community online.
    • •   With XBOX LIVE you can also watch TV from Sky, download and stream movies in HD, or listen to all your favourite music. Certain features may require a subscription.
  • Family Settings- XBOX 360 offers robust parental controls allowing multiple accounts, console timer for limiting a childs play, control of age rating games of certain accounts, and the ability to control access to XBOX LIVE.
  • Pictures, Movies and Music- Whether playing CDs or streaming music from an iPod or MP3 player, the XBOX 360 can handle it all. You can create your own playlists as well as customise certain games with your own music.
    • •   Watch your own DVDs, or experience video on demand through XBOX LIVE.
  • PC Streaming- XBOX 360 offers the ability to watch and record live TV through the Windows media centre in a PC. Photos, music, TV and movies can be effortlessly managed and viewed using the XBOX 360 even when the PC is being used for other tasks.
  • Kinect - Kinect works with every XBOX 360 and offers an entirely new way to play. Kinect tracks your movement in full 3D with inbuilt face and voice recognition for a completely interactive experience – without the need for any controllers, keypads or headsets.


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