Playstation 3 (PS3)

The PS3 delivers the next generation of interactive entertainment and is now available in a slimline version which is smaller, lighter and uses less energy than its predecessor.




Key features

  • The PlayStation 3 has a built in Blu-ray player, allowing you to play games in full high definition glory, as well as watching Blu-ray movies on your TV. (A HD Ready TV is needed to enjoy high definition).
  • Connect to the PlayStation network for free online gaming with friends. Download games, demos and movie trailers to your PS3 from the store and keep in touch with video and chat messaging. ( * Internet access required for these features).
  • Make the PS3 your multimedia hub by storing movies, music and photos onto the internal hard drive.
  • An incredible number of PS3 games are available offering all types of playing options.
  • For the ultimate gaming experience why not take a look at enhancing your experience through our great range of accessories for the PS3.
    • •   If driving games are your passion then a PS3 steering wheel and pedals make for a very realistic ride.
    • •   Chat to friends whilst playing and enjoy the full experience without having to turn the volume down with one of our gaming headsets.
    • •   For a truly immersive gaming experience why not try a gaming chair, with built in speakers and force feedback vibration to put you in the centre of the action.
  • Sony's PlayStation Move is a motion-based gaming experience where your every move is mimicked onscreen in high-definition quality. Move uses the camera and light ball on the controller to track your real three dimensional position with much more accuracy than the old hand held controllers.
    • •   There are games for kids, the entire family and the serious gamer.
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