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Surge Protection
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Buying Guide to Surge Protection

Why is surge protection so important

A surge protector will provide essential protection to your sensitive electronic equipment from the damaging effects of electrical surges and spikes.

  • Electrical surges and spikes are bursts of electricity caused by electrical load switching and the on/off action of equipment, such as lighting or domestic appliances.
  • A single brief surge/spike of electricity could render your electrical appliances useless and/or destroy the power supply unit.
  • Surges are common in power cuts when the power is restored.
  • Electrical noise can corrupt computer data.

How do they work?

  • A surge protector will act like a sponge, absorbing excess voltage and protecting electronic equipment in your home and office
  • They are fitted with safety thermal fuses to prevent over-heating when protecting against surges and spikes.
  • A surge protector can protect all routes into your home or office, including telecom lines and TV aerials.

Please be aware that these products are not lightning arresters and will not protect against lightning strikes.

Key features to look for

Surge indicator
This provides a visible indication that your surge protector is working.

The higher the amp rating, the better the protection.

This is the amount you are covered for in the event your equipment is damaged by an electrical surge or spike. Determine what you will use your surge protector for and select the most suitable product.

Individual socket switches provide greater power control of appliances, and can help
to save electricity by turning appliances off when they are not required

USB sockets
These are ideal for charging your mobile phone, digital camera, iPod or MP3 player.


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