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Shower jargon buster

Below is your quick reference guide to shower features.


Mixer showers can be either single control or dual control. With single, there’s one control for water flow and temperature. Whereas dual has separate controls for each.


For mixer showers the distance, shown in mm, is the space between the hot and cold pipe intake.

Easy clean

The showerhead has rubber nozzles that help prevent the build-up of lime scale, which can cause blockages.


Mixer showers have different fittings, some can be fitted into a recess in the wall, others surface mounted, or some can be fitted either recessed or surface.

Flow rate

The amount of water that a power shower can generate. The higher the water flow, the more powerful the shower.

Head modes

The showerhead has a choice of spray patterns from a wide spray to a powerful jet, to suit the user’s preference.

Push button

With push-button control, the temperature and flow settings remain the same each time the shower is used.


Hot water is flushed from the shower before it switches off for the safety of the next user and to help prevent lime scale build-up.

Thermostatic or manual

A thermostatic shower provides a consistent temperature control, unaffected by the use of other household items, allowing for safe showering for all the family. Manual showers do not have this function.

Water system

Different mixer showers are suitable for different water pressure systems. Some are suitable for low pressure systems only, some for high pressure only, and others will work effectively with all water systems.


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