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Ensuring your home is safe - features to look out for

Features to look out for

Whichever gate you choose will depend on the layout of your home. When deciding, look out for these features, which are designed to make safety gates more user-friendly:

  • One-handed opening: This allows you to open and close the gate when you're carrying your baby or have your hands full going up and down the stairs.
  • Double locking option: A useful device to ensure your little ones cannot open the gate themselves.
  • Push to shut closing: A spring-assisted closing system that securely locks the gate into place with a firm push.
  • Auto close: An automatic self-closing gate securely locks into place, without the need to push it shut.
  • Extra tall gates - 15cm taller than most gates, extra tall gates are ideal as your child grows.
  • Extensions - If you wish to install gates into a wider gap, you can use extensions to fit the space required.

Ensuring your home is safe

As well as baby monitors and safety gates, there are all sorts of other devices and equipment to ensure your little one is kept safe around the home.

Playpens can keep your baby happy and safe for hours and some convert to a room divider, multi-panel gate or hearth guard. You might also want to consider a portable folding guard, for use when travelling.

We also sell extending fireguards and home safety kits, which include socket covers, door-stoppers, corner cushions, and drawer and cupboard catches.

For peace of mind as your child grows, you could opt for a bed rail, suitable for all bed types. Or why not have a look at our great selection of night-lights, which can comfort your child as they drop off to sleep and enable you and them to move around safely during the night.

A few precautions can go a long way to keeping your baby safe and giving you peace of mind, but your little ones should always be supervised around the home.

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