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Pushchairs to suit everyone

There are a few different types of pushchair available for you and your baby. We have put together a practical guide to make sure you pick the best one.

Travel systems

Travel systemsA travel system is a fantastic all-in-one option for your baby's first few months. It incorporates a pushchair and a compatible car seat that fits into the pushchair frame, making it easy to move your baby from one to the other without waking him or her. You can use a travel system from birth to about 3 years, however, the baby will outgrow the car seat after abut 9 months.

A travel system is sturdier and super comfortable for your baby in those early months. Standard travel systems can be quite large so make sure that it fits in your car before buying. However, more compact versions are available, these are really light and won't take up so much space. Look at the product weight and the folding dimensions as a way of seeing how compatible it is for your day-to-day routine.Travel systems can either be 2-in-1 (with a pushchair and car seat) or 3-in-1. A 3-in-1 travel system will have a car seat, plus a multi-position pushchair that lets your baby sit up or lie flat.


StrollersLightweight, compact and highly manoeuvrable, a stroller (sometimes called a buggy) is ideal if you use public transport a lot, as they're really easy to fold. Some can be adjusted to let your baby lie flat, making them suitable from birth. Otherwise, a stroller is suitable to use once your baby is six months old.




Three-wheeled pushchairs

Three-wheeled pushchairsA three-wheeled pushchair makes getting around even easier, thanks to state-of-the-art suspension and sturdy tyres, which glide over even the hardest-going terrain. They're great if you're an outdoor type - you can even take them jogging - but as they're not particularly compact, they're not ideal for using public transport or getting up and down stairs. We stock a three-wheeler model with a fully reclining seat that can be used from birth. Most other three-wheelers have partly reclining seats, making them suitable from three months.


Tandems and double buggies

Tandems and double buggiesIf you've got twins, you'll definitely need a double or tandem pushchair. They're also a great option if you've got a newborn and a toddler. A tandem pushchair sits your babies one in front of the other. This makes it narrower than a double model (which sits them side by side), but it will be longer so it's wise to check its folded size. If you do choose a tandem, you'll be able to move the two seats independently of each other, and fully recline the seat at the rear for a newborn baby. Double pushchairs are suitable for children up to four years old.




With so many accessories to choose from when you're buying a pushchair, it can be a little bit daunting. But the best way to work out what you need is to look at how you'll use the pushchair.

If you're using your pushchair in all weathers, you can keep your little one cosy and dry by choosing a foot muff (sometimes called a cosytoes) and a raincover. Sun parasols are also available - a good idea for summer. It's also often possible to find a coordinating change bag to keep you organised.

Some buggies also come with a bumper bar, play tray and pushchair toys to help keep your little one amused. Head supports and footrests are available for extra comfort, and a shopping basket is a must for trips into town.