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The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting and life-changing events you can ever experience. And if it's your first time we know you'll probably feel a little overwhelmed with all the new things you need to consider. If you've had a baby before, you already know how much planning and preparation is involved!

Preparing your nursery

A nursery is your child’s first room so it’s important to carefully consider what goes in it. It’s a good idea to have all the practical bits such as spare clothes close to hand, as well as storage so you can tidy away any unwanted clutter.

The baby furniture you choose will depend on the age and size of your little one. A newborn will need a cot or Moses basket if you want to stay close to them in those early days. As your baby grows, you might want to consider cot beds or toddler beds before they get a grown-up bed of their own.

If you’re looking to create a colour-coordinated look that’s practical too, be sure to check out our 3- and 5-piece nursery suites. These include all the baby nursery furniture you might need.

Choosing the right furniture

Whatever you need, we’ve got a wide range of nursery furniture for babies and children of all sizes. This reference guide to all kinds of baby furniture will help you decide what’s right for you.

Moses baskets and cribs

Moses basket Moses baskets: These are extra portable – so you can keep your baby close while they settle in. To make the most of a Moses basket, consider a rocking stand that will soothe and reassure your baby.



cot value Value: Fixed rail cots are great value for money and offer excellent safety and security because they have static side rails.
cot convenience Convenience: For easy access, a drop side rail allows you to put your baby in bed without waking them.
cot flexibility Flexibility: Many of our cots come with adjustable bases so you can change the height of the mattress.
cot portability Portability: Travel cots are lightweight, portable and great for trips away – and they're a welcome bed for visiting babies too.


Cot beds and junior beds

cot beds Cot beds: Get the best of both worlds by investing in a cot that converts into a junior bed. These will be practical for years to come.
suites Suites: If you want to colour coordinate your nursery furniture, our 3- and 5-piece nursery suites offer great value for money.
toddler beds Junior beds: A great stepping stone that lets your child find out what a grown-up bed is like, but keeps them safe with the added protection of side rails.
themed beds Themed beds: Make bedtime fun by selecting one of our themed beds based on favourite children's characters.

Choosing the right mattress

Babies benefit from a supportive mattress to help them sleep well and the better the baby sleeps, the better you’ll sleep.  Our mattresses are made from superior fabric, providing comfortable support for your baby while complying with all relevant safety standards.

There are three main mattress types to choose from, and our reference guide below can help you choose. All come with washable, breathable and reversible covers.

foam mattresses Hypo-allergenic foam mattress: This mattress type has a non-allergenic inner foam core combined with an anti-allergenic and water-resistant surface. As a result it's an excellent choice if your baby is especially sensitive to dust mites, or if they have allergies or asthma.
sprung mattresses Sprung mattress: This mattress type offers excellent comfort and support as it has a coiled spring unit underneath its non-PVC surface.
cool flow mattress Cool flow sprung mattress: These have high-quality spring units beneath an anti-allergenic cover for long-term durability and support. The lightweight, breathable material means your baby's body heat is spread out effectively, helping them stay cool and comfortable.

Nursery accessories

Nusery accessories

Our wide range of nursery accessories can help make those early days a little bit easier.

Safety gates: Make sure your toddler doesn’t go exploring too far with one of our safety gates. Our comprehensive range has both permanent (screw fix) and portable (pressure fit) gates so you can keep your little one out of harms way.

Monitors: Be reassured that your baby is sleeping safely in another room with one of our baby monitors. These alert you as soon as your baby wakes or stirs. But remember, a monitor shouldn't replace adult supervision, so make sure you check our advice page for safer sleeping guidelines.

Grobag: Keep your little one tucked up safe and warm in these wearable blankets that keep them at a comfortable temperature throughout the day or night.

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