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Memory Cards

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Memory cards
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Memory cards

Memory cards are used with lots of digital products, including cameras, camcorders and many mobile phones, to store images and other data.

  • The higher the capacity of the card (measured in gigabytes or GB), the more you can store on the card.
    • e.g. if you have a 12MP camera, a 4GB card would store around 1000 high quality photos, but an 8GB card would hold around 2000.
  • Read and write speeds show how fast the card is- the higher the number, the faster it will operate.
    • High speed is essential with camcorder use in particular.
  • Most cameras work with SDHC cards, and have only extremely limited built-in memory.
    • If you buy a camera from Argos that uses other format memory cards, these are detailed in the description.
  • Camcorders generally use SDHC also, and many have inbuilt storage as well.
    • Some HDD models need and use no memory cards at all. Most mobiles use microSD/microSDHC cards with smartphones needing the most storage as a general rule.
    • Mobile phones can have good inbuilt storage capacity: see the description for full details.
  • Memory card adaptors enable MicroSD/SDHC cards to be used as normal sized SD/SDHC cards.
    • One card can then fit a camera and a mobile phone.
  • Card readers are available to transfer data from any of these cards to your PC or laptop.
    • WiFi or Bluetooth might also be available dependent on the device in question.

Memory card formats explained

There are different memory card formats shown as follows:


CF Compact Flash
MicroSD Smaller version of SD
MicroSDHC Smaller version of SDHC
MSPD Memory Stick Pro Duo- proprietary to Sony.
SD Secure Digital
SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity
XD Extreme Digital- proprietary to Olympus & Fujifilm


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