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An essential part of day to day living is cleaning your house and clothes.

We understand that this is not everyone's favourite chore, so we provide the essentials to help to make a quicker, easier and more enjoyable experience.

This list is designed to explain which products we have available and how they can help make your life easier.

Carpet Sweepers

Keep your carpets fresh and clean by using a carpet sweeper.floor-cleaner

  • Our carpet cleaners usually include a removable dust pan or dust tray.
  • They are either manual or rechargeable.
  • Great for sweeping up without having to bend down.
  • Most are suitable for all floor types.
  • Some which are aimed specifically at homes with pets are great at picking up pet hair.
  • Look out for easy release dust trays.

Cleaning Accessories

cleaning-productsOur nifty selection of cleaning sets and floor cleaning solutions cover a whole range of needs and uses. We offer cleaning solutions for a range of items, including windows and carpets.

Look out for:

Indoor Airers

rotary-clothes-hangerIndoor airers are a fantastic way to dry clothes in bad weather or save you energy costs by not using the tumble dryer. They come in a range of shapes and sizes including:

  • Radiator airers - great for dotting around the house to dry smaller items. Also useful for holding tea towels or hand towels.
  • Folding 3 tier designs - these come in a range of shapes and sizes, perfect for a range of needs, for small or large houses.
  • Retractable over bath airers - save space with a retractable airer that stores easily and fits over the bath, perfect for smaller homes.

Ironing Boards and Ironing Covers

ironing-boardAn ironing board is an essential item for your home to help you keep your clothes pressed and fresh. We stock a range of sizes to suit all homes, budgets and requirements.

When choosing, look out for:

  • Boards with adjustable height.
  • Different size boards - consider the size of your items and home.
  • Steam mesh for steam ironing.
  • Linen shelf/clothes hanger.


A good ironing board cover protects your ironing board and prevents the pattern of the vent holes being pressed into your clothes.

  • Most covers will be washable at 40°c
  • Elasticated edged covers are easy to fit.
  • Look out for our range of attractive covers, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home.
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