Knives, cutting and grating
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Buying Guide to knives, cutting and grating

In any kitchen a good set of cutting equipment is essential.

At Argos we supply knives, scissors, graters and associated accessories in various styles and prices.

Kitchen knives

Knife BlockKnives come in many shapes and sizes, each suited to a purpose.
Most chef knives that are supplied by Argos come in knife blocks, all with a selection of the most useful types included.

Kitchen knife blocks make: a great house-warming gift.

  • Knife blocks supply all you need in the way of knives in one easy purchase.
  • Knives and knife blocks can only be sold to customers over the age of 18 and must be purchased in-store.  You may be asked for proof of age when purchasing.
  • Never leave knives in reach of unsupervised children.

Knife sharpeners

Sharpening SteelA blunt knife is of little use. We offer several stylish sharpeners to remedy the problem.

  • For manual sharpening, we offer the traditional steel.
  • Knife SharpenerAutomatic sharpeners need less practice, and are designed to look good in any kitchen.
    • They may need batteries, or be mains operated. Check the model.


Chopping boards

Chopping BoardsChopping boards protect your work surfaces, allowing convenient cutting and chopping of meats and vegetables.

  • Plastic boards are lightweight and easy to clean
  • Glass boards are tough and scratch resistant.
    • Be careful not to drop or strike on hard surfaces.
  • Wood is durable and is kinder to blade edges.
    • Hardwood, such as rubber wood, is longer lasting.
  • Multiple boards allow you to use different boards for different materials, i.e. one for vegetables, one for chicken and so on.
    • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Kitchen scissors and shears

Kitchen scissors are a basic kitchen essential, good for opening packaging, cutting string, and all round general purpose cutting.

  • Kitchen ScissorsMany also have jar-openers built into the handles.
  • Shears can even break through poultry bones.
  • Larger handles are easier to manipulate.


GraterUseful for preparing many foods, graters come in various sizes and can grate food from very finely to very coarse.

  • Box graters have several sizes of grater integrated into one convenient tool.



PeelersPeeling potatoes, apples or the like is so much easier with a good peeler. We offer a selection in your style and to suit your budget.

  • Y-shaped peelers simply pull toward you, keeping the perfect angle without effort.
  • Swivel peelers also keep the perfect angle, using a different grip.
  • PeelersSome models can cut julienne strips as well, with no extra effort.
  • Built-in potato eyers add to your convenience.
  • Most are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.


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