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Fan heaters

Fan heatersFan heaters are a very useful short term solution for providing instant bursts of warm air to any room. They are most suitable for smaller spaces.

These products are light and compact, so will easily store away during the warmer seasons. They are also very portable.

What should I look for in a fan heater?

  • Some models have handles for increased portability.
    • •   We've all had to use a portable heater when the office heating breaks down
  • Fan heaters are perfect for taking camping, given a power source.
    • •   NB: the safety cutout is essential if camping!
  • Oscillating models heat the space more evenly.
  • Cool blow - This function will blow cool air like a fan around the room.
    • •   Why buy a fan when your heater will cool as well?

Convector heaters

Convector heatersFreestanding and slim in design, convector heaters provide heat at a constant temperature with quieter operation than fan heaters. They work best in medium and larger sized rooms, depending on heat loss.


What features are available?

  • Turbo fan - This function will circulate the heat in the room faster and more effectively.
    • •   This will add to the noise level.
  • Timer- Gives you control over the amount of time that the appliance is turned on for.
  • Panel heatersWall mountable- Allows the product to be mounted to the wall as a permanent fixture.
  • Panel heaters are typically wall mounted, and are a stylish heating option that take up very little space.
    • •   They take up very little space indeed.
  • Halogen models use halogen bulbs to generate the heat.
    • •   These can be quite bright.
  • Gas models are also available.


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