Introduction to Hair curlers & Hair stylers

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in hair, look no further than our extensive range of hair curlers and hair stylers. From big hair to beautiful curls and waves, whatever look you want to create, we have the tools for you.

Curling tongs

Curling tongsCurling tongs can create a range of different looks. A slim barrel will give tighter, more defined curls, whilst a larger barrel is great for creating soft waves. Hair tongs with a high top temperature will give a long lasting professional result.


Styling wands

Curling tongsA styling wand is a special type of curling iron with no clamp; you simply wrap your hair around the barrel to create the curl.


Hot air stylers

Curling tongsStyling your hair as you dry is a great way to add long-lasting shape and volume. For maximum volume, look for a hot air styler with a large barrel, which will help you to create volume and fullness. For more defined curls and shape, choose a styler with a smaller brush attachment.



Curling tongsUsing a crimper is a great way to add texture and give your hair an iconic retro look. Experiment with just crimping sections to add interest to your style.


Curling tongsCurling tongs Rollers/flexible stylers

Very versatile, hair rollers and can be used at the crown to add volume, or throughout the length of the hair to create curls and shape. Because heated rollers are left to cool in the hair they create really long-lasting results. Flexi stylers can create different types of curls.


Curling tongsMulti-stylers

If you like to change your style regularly, then a multi-styler is the tool for you. With a range of attachments, you can try out lots of different looks with just one tool, whether you want curls, crimping, or straightening.


Curling tongsCordless gas hair stylers

For great styling on the go or while travelling, choose a gas hair styler. Fully portable these hair curlers work on disposable energy cells.


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