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Golf accessories

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Golf accessories

You can play golf in all weathers, but it’s always best to be prepared with the right clothing and accessories.


Ideal for keeping your head warm and dry in winter or for stopping glare and protecting you from the sun in summer.

golf shoesGolf shoes

Special shoes for golfers have metal or plastic spikes in the soles, designed to increase traction. They help you make longer and more accurate shots.

glovesGolf Gloves

These protect your hands and help you get a good grip on your clubs. They’re made of synthetic materials, leather or microfibres, and are usually suitable for use in all kinds of weather. Most golfers wear just one glove when playing – if you’re a right-handed player, wear one on your left hand, and vice versa. 


In bad weather conditions, it’s handy to have clothing that’s both waterproof and breathable. It’ll protect you from the elements, and give you freedom of movement.


umbrellasLarger than your average umbrella and useful for keeping dry on the course in wet conditions.

Swing training

A range of accessories are available to help you improve your golf swing, including pop-up chipping nets, swing guiders, practice sets and driving and practice nets.

putting aidsPutting aids

These are designed to help you practice your shots at home and include putting machines and putting mats.


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