Fitting your curtain pole

If you have decided that curtains are the best for your room, we can help you take the next step. Follow our simple steps from measuring and fitting your curtain pole to hanging your curtains.

Fitting your curtain pole

Curtain position

All our furniture comes with height (H), width (W) and depth (D) dimensions, listed in our catalogue and on our website. Make a note of these, then measure your room (including doorways) to check it will fit.

Regardless of whether you have decided on standard length or full length curtains, it is still important to measure the length to ensure that your curtains pole can be fitted at the correct height.

diagram positionBefore fitting your curtain pole and curtains, take this opportunity to think about where you want your curtains to sit in relation to the window sill. Measuring the length of the curtains before you fit your curtain pole will help you decide whether you want your curtains to fit to the window sill or just below

A: To fit the curtains to fall to the window sill - measure 1cm above the window sill.
B: To fit the curtains to fall just below the window sill - measure 15-20cm below the window sill or 2cm above the radiator.
C: To fit the curtains to fall to the floor - measure 1cm above the floor.

Please measure from the middle and at both ends of the track or pole for an accurate measurement.

1) Decide on the position of your curtain pole

This is your chance to make sure that your curtains will not hang too short once fitted. If your curtain pole is fixed at the wrong height, you may see a gap between where the curtain finishes and the window sill starts.

Double check the length of the curtain that you have in mind. It is easy to allow a few centimetres higher or lower when fitting your curtain pole to make sure your curtain hangs correctly.

Poles can be fitted directly on to some types of window frame or more often, approximately 12-15cm above the window. Positioning your pole above the window frame allows longer curtains to drop evenly and minimises light when the curtains are drawn.

Tip: Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy as plastic tape measures can stretch.

2) Measure the width of your window space

The curtain pole should be wider than your windows by approximately 15-20cm either side, allowing enough space for the curtains to be tied back when required.

It's also worth deciding on what style of finial (the decorative knobs found at the end of curtain poles) you plan to use - and incorporate that additional space requirement into your measurements. You can learn more about finials in our accessories section.

Fixing the pole

1: Make sure you have enough brackets to support the pole. Two brackets will be fine for curtain poles under 180cm, but a third central bracket will be needed for longer curtain poles.

2: Use a pencil and mark where you want the pole to be positioned.

3: Drill the required number of holes then fill with raw plugs before screwing the fitting in place.

Curtain tracks

Curtain tracks are a great solution for tight areas or if you wish to use pencil pleat curtains. We have a wide selection of tracks to choose from.

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