Digital camcorders

How do I choose the right digital camcorder?

Your first task when buying a digital camcorder is to decide on the model which best suits you. This short guide will help you decide:

Pocket Camcorders are small and easy to use

As the name suggests, pocket camcorders are compact, lightweight and easily slip into your pocket or bag to carry almost anywhere.

  • They use point and shoot technology, so are easy to use and ready to record at a moments notice.
  • Pocket camcorders usually use memory cards (sold separately), but more advanced models can feature hard disc storage inbuilt for even more convenience.
  • While beautifully simple, many do offer more advanced features as well.


Flash Camcorders use easy access memory cards

Shooting straight to memory card (supplied separately) in the same manner as digital cameras, flash camcorders are a very simple to use and convenient form of camcorder.

  • They all have a full range of features available, dependent on the individual model descriptions. They typically have more advanced features than pocket camcorders.
  • Memory cards come in several formats, but all are easy to transfer between your camcorder and your PC or laptop for editing, review, or sharing.
    • The storage depends on the picture quality and model, but is easily measured in hours.
    • NB: memory cards are not generally included with the camcorder and must be bought separately.

Hard Disc Drive (HDD) camcorders let you record more footage

HDD camcorders store video on internal hard disk drives like the one in your home PC. They generally allow use of memory cards for even more storage (supplied separately).

  • Hard drive camcorders can offer you longer recording times of 30 hours and more- enough for even the longest home video.

DVD camcorders

A DVD camcorder records straight on to DVD that you can play back straight away on most home DVD players.

  • You can also record over your movies time and again.
  • DVDs come in a few different formats (DVD-RW,+RW and -RAM) so make sure you check which ones your camcorder takes before you buy the discs.


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