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Clocks & Clock Radios
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Buying Guide to Clocks & Clock Radios

Clocks have been the main way to tell the time for centuries now and come in a wide variety of types and styles including clock radios. We stock a full range for your needs and your budget, and so can offer the best model for you.

NB: where batteries are required they must usually be bought separately.

What features should I look for when choosing my clock?

  • LCD- displays the time digitally using a Liquid Crystal Display. Powered by batteries.
  • LED- the digits are permanently illuminated by LED bulbs for easy viewing at night-time. Mains powered.
  • Quartz analogue- battery operated with an analogue dial.
    • We all first tell the time using the hands of the clock- what could be simpler?
  • Radio controlled- self-setting. Battery operated.
    • Receives the time and date from a central radio transmitter, so extremely accurate and automatically synchronised to British times.
    • Automatically adjusts for summer/winter time changes and leap years.
  • Battery back-up- for mains powered clocks. The clock will maintain the time and alarm settings in the event of power loss using battery support.
  • Size- tells you how big the clock is in cms- important if you have limited space.

So, what different types of clocks are available?


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