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There’s a wide variety of barbecues to choose from, whether you pick from our great range of gas barbecues or prefer a traditional charcoal grill.

Important Safety Information: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Portable barbecues or lit charcoal should never be taken into an enclosed space such as a tent or a caravan.

Charcoal barbecues

Charcoal barbecue, the more traditional option gives great smoky barbecue taste. They take longer than gas barbecues to light and heat to the required cooking temperature, but charcoal barbecues represent great value for money.

Gas barbecues

Gas provides instant, controllable heat and is easy to keep clean. The ease and speed with which they are ready to use make them an extremely convenient way to cook all year round.

Gas barbecues are quick and easy to assemble, so you can be cooking within minutes of opening the box. All our gas barbecues include a regulator, which attaches to the gas bottle to regulate the flow.

Some features of gas barbecues:

The number of burners will increase the number of people you can cook for simultaneously:

  • 2 burner gas barbecue will cook for at least 4
  • 3 burner gas barbecue will cook for at least 6
  • 4 burner gas barbecue will cook for a party of 8 or more

Side burner
Ideal for heating sauces and side dishes.

Fat collector/drip tray
Located under the grill to collect fat run-off.

Warming rack
Great for warming plates and for keeping your food warm away from direct heat.

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